The idea of becoming a neurosurgeon was introduced to me by my mother, when I was a little boy. 

I left my hometown, Lucknow, in 1994 to join the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India’s most prestigious medical school. It was here that I realised how ordinary I was when compared to my colleagues who were far superior in intellect and knowledge. My only hope was hard work and I didn’t do too badly. I wanted to become a Neurosurgeon but was denied a place in the residency program. I took up Ophthalmology – hoping to forget my dream of becoming a neurosurgeon and start in a new direction in a discipline which demanded very high levels of microsurgical skills. But that was not to be. I ended up in the UK, three years later, after my residency in Ophthalmology – seeking a career in Neurosurgery and ultimately achieved what I wanted. The microsurgical skills that I acquired in Ophthalmology, helped immensely.

The website name is inspired by the optic chiasm – the perfect link between the eye and the brain! I consider it a great privilege to be able to live my childhood dream. I am deeply grateful God and to everyone who has helped me and especially to my parents, my wife and my sons. It is said that behind every successful man there stands a woman telling him that he is wrong – behind me stand two, my mother and now my wife. 

When I am not opening up the brain, I like to click a few photographs, a hobby I have picked up from my father….